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       We have nursery rhymes and folksongs available for you to listen to any time or take on the go. 

Translated and Original Nursery Rhymes

These songs were translated (or created) in-house for our teaching purposes.


When we saw how much kids love learning, singing, and dancing to them in class, we wanted to extend this rich learning and bonding experience to you. Now we can all sing and dance together as we learn Arabic. 

Our Songs are Now on YouTube!

We love listening to songs, but we also love watching them. If you agree with us, then join us on YouTube for some fun songs. We are adding songs regularly. Stay tuned!

اغنية شهور السنة  - بالعامية المصرية
أغنية الخمس بطات بالعامية المصرية للاطفال - من شمسنا
أغنية ١-٢ نملتين بالعامية المصرية
اغنية عجل الاوتوبيس بيلف و يدور - بالعامية المصرية
اغنية العنكبوت النونو  - بالعامية المصرية
اغنية ايام الاسبوع - بالعامية المصرية
Egyptian Folksongs

These childhood favorites will bring joy to every generation in your family. A great way to bond with your little ones and instill some of Egypt's culture and heritage. 

download them:


* these songs were compiled with the help of Taya Doss. She is also the artist behind many of the book's illustrations. Yes, our folksongs book matches the songs for a complete learning and cultural immersion experience. 

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