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We focus on writing for young children in Egyptian dialect.

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Why Egyptian Dialect?

Because we are Egyptian. We write our books natively in the Egyptian dialect and naturally include a cultural aspect, which makes for a better language immersion experience. 

Why under the age of 5?

Because this is when language is acquired most naturally.

Arabic is a tricky language. We believe that the time for classical (fussHa) language will come, but not in the first 5 years of a child's life, especially for those living abroad.


In these first years, the more you interact with them in dialect, the better language skill they will have, the more confident they will be to speak it, and the more attached and interested they will be to the language.

Our Stories Are Now on Youtube!

We are so excited to announce that our books will now be released on Youtube. Now you can have books and songs at the tip of your fingers anytime, anywhere. Will will be adding all our titles soon. Stay tuned!

البالطو الخطير (من حكايات ايسوب)
الفرخة الشاطرة - حكاية شعبية من شمسنا    The Wise Hen (Shamsena Folktales)
( هو الاسد بيعيش في البحر؟ (حكايات لأصغراطفال من شمسنا

Looking for Printed Books?

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