So...What Is Shamsena?

Shamsena is a set of tools designed to help parents speak, sing, play, and read to their young children in Arabic.

Our tools are based on two major findings: 

  1. Our human brains are most prepared to learn languages in the first five years of life.
  2. The best way to teach a language (any language) is to speak, sing, read, and play in that language.

Since speaking, singing, and playing in Arabic would be in dialect and not in classical Arabic, Shamsena's products are in the Egyptian spoken dialect.

...And while we are at it, let's instill some culture and heritage into our children's language. These folk treasures are so much fun!

Our Books:

  • written in colloquial Egyptian so they would be building vocabulary that child would be using right off the bat.
  • Set in familiar environments to allow for further language exploration even beyond the book.
  • Simple Illustrations
  • Designed to invite the reader to re-read several times in a row. With repetition, young children learn the patterns of the language and are encouraged to “read” the book by themselves. This gives them the verbal confidence they need to start speaking in Arabic.   
  • Introduce children to our culture and heritage through folksongs, folktales, and artistic styles.



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