Welcome to Shamsena: Arabic For Early Learners

We focus on babies, toddlers, and preschoolers as we bring together: 

  • The day to day spoken Egyptian language
  • The latest in language development research
  • A passion for Egyptian heritage and culture
  • A hint of world literature and art 

And wrap it all up in a bit of magic, so your kids can enjoy Arabic and speak it confidently.build language and vocabulary as early as possible. Graphic from Shamsena: Arabic For Early Learners

Why young children?


* The best time to learn a language is the first 5 years of life. (Research)

* The more vocabulary a child acquires in the first 5 years, the more practice they have, 

- the more confident they are,

- and the more prepared they are for formal schooling. (Research...and logic, really)