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الفَرخة الشاطرة

الفَرخة الشاطرة لَقِت عَشَر حَبَّات قَمح و قَرَّرِت تِزرعهم مع اصحابها بس اصحابها دايماً مشغولين و سايبينها تشتغل لوَحدَها دي مشكلة، بس الفَرخة علشان شاطرة، عِرفت تِحِلَّها

The Wise Hen

The Wise Hen found ten grains of wheat and decided to plant them with her friends. But her friends are always too busy to help and first in line when it is time to enjoy the fruit of her hard labor. What will she do? An Egyptian twist on the world famous folktale “The Little Red Hen”


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